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I do wish there was a way to convey the touchy feely squish factor through the internet, but you'll just have to take my word for it. 

I dye yarns that I personally love to work with and I only use natural fibres, so you won't find nylon or sparkle in my yarns, just pure wool, alpaca, bamboo, linen, silk, cashmere and cotton. 

Some ranges are machine washable, others are organic and need a gentle hand wash, but they are all dyed with love and a real passion for colour.

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Mahogany Veneer BFL 4 Ply Yarn

Blue Lagoon Dolly DK Gradient Yarn

Bollywood Dolly DK Gradient Yarn

Disco Dolly DK Stripe Yarn

Jade Berry Dolly DK Gradient Yarn

Jewel Dust Dolly DK Stripe Yarn

Plumb Line Dolly DK Gradient Yarn

Baby Blues Dolly 4 Ply Yarn

Charcoal Dust Dolly 4 Ply Yarn

City Nights Dolly Highland 4 Ply Yarn

Cucumber Sandwich BFL 4 Ply Yarn

Dusky Light Dolly Organic DK Yarn

Dusty Brocade Dolly 4 Ply Yarn

Gold Rush Dolly 4 Ply Yarn

Lincoln Berry 4 Ply BFL Yarn

Silvery Moon Dolly 4 Ply Yarn

Yellow Jersey Dolly 4 Ply Yarn

Berry Nice Aran Yarn

Nevada Sky Aran Yarn

Roxy Ripple Aran Yarn

Soda Fountain Aran Yarn

Buddleia Patsy DK Yarn

Cresta Patsy DK Yarn

New Leaf Patsy DK Yarn

Soft Chartreuse Patsy DK Yarn

Soft Lilac Patsy DK Yarn

Azure to be Sure Organic Dolly Aran Yarn

Blimey Organic Dolly Aran Yarn

Foxglove Organic Dolly Aran Yarn

Persian Red Organic Dolly Aran Yarn

Vicious Pink Organic Dolly Aran Yarn

Peacock Cinder Dolly Chunky Yarn

Blackberry Sorbet Dolly DK Yarn

Fiver Dolly DK Yarn

Hazel Dolly DK Yarn

Plumple Dolly DK Yarn

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Page 1 of 4:    113 Items
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