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Fine View Arts Launch

Saturday, 20 June 2020  |  Admin-Glenda

Fine View Arts Launch

Easter 2020 - it was going to be such a lovely weekend...  We were going to meet lots of lovely new visitors, show off our little creative world here in South-West Scotland and generally have a fun time, bringing as much light, colour and joy into other people's lives as we could.

Well, that was the plan anyway. We all know only too well what happened next.

Now, here we are a few months down the line. As the lockdown arrangements began to be eased, we finally managed to open to the public on July 15th. Obviously, it's not quite as we had originally imagined, what with social distancing requirements, face masks and enough hand sanitiser to disinfect a camel, but we're here in these weird and wonderful times to try to bring you a little bit of that light, colour and joy that I mentioned earlier.

So whether you live locally or are visiting the region for a delayed or re-scheduled holiday, you're always welcome to pop in and see us.


Adrian dresses up as an exra in 'Orange is the New Black' most weekends and lights the forge, so you can come along and watch him learning his trade. 

Our shop space also doubles up as Glenda's dye studio, so you can usually find her stirring a pot of dye, spinning up some yarn or working on a complicated crochet project.

We're both happy to talk about our work and show you what we're up to.

01776 840656  hello@fineviewarts.com
Fine View Arts

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