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Although we are closed during lockdown, once travel is safe again, you can rest assured that we will be a safe place to visit.

We have put COVID measures in place for visitors to our shop in accordance with government and National Tourist organisation guidelines and we've been awarded the Good to Go certificate!


Fine Art Giclee Prints

I take a three hour round trip to get my paintings professionally scanned by an unassuming wee genius called John.  John can handle the largest, shiniest, most textured paintings I throw at him and work his colour calibrated magic to come up with reproductions that are so amazingly close to the original, you really would be hard pushed to tell that it's a print.

All my work is printed onto a high quality paper that creates a deeply saturated velvety finish that really shows off the print at its very best.
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Coming Home Giclee Print

Birdsong Giclee Print

Let It Rain Giclee Print

Scorched Earth Giclee Print

Sea Fever Giclee Print

Soar Giclee Print

Fiat Lux Giclee Print

Argyll Forest Giclee Print

Autumn on the Loch Giclee Print

Storm Lorenzo Giclee Print

Grace & Gratitude Giclee Print

Surge Giclee Print

Logan Sunset Giclee Print

Becalmed Giclee Print

Breakthrough Giclee Print

My Sister's Solstice Giclee Print

Portpatrick Lighthouse Giclee Print

Windswept Ballantrae Giclee Print

Possiblities Giclee Print

Uncharted Limited Edition Giclee Print

Abstract Poppies Limited Edition Print

Hidden Rocks Giclee Print

Poppies & Lavender Limited Edition Print

Ailsa Craig from Ballantrae Beach Print

Dorn Rock Giclee Print

Dorn Rock Tall Panorama Print

Dorn Rock Wide Panorama Print

Summer Beach Print

Summer Beach Tall Panorama Print

The Beach Panorama Print

Leda Giclee Print

Floating Free Giclee Print

Flowerbombs Giclee Print

Page 1 of 1:    33 Items