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We have put COVID measures in place for visitors to our shop in accordance with government and National Tourist organisation guidelines and we've been awarded the Good to Go certificate!


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I'm Glenda and I create lovely things with paint and dye.

I create paintings for people who love colourful abstracts or expressive seascapes.  I am inspired by the very fine sea views from our home here in southern Scotland.  Warmed by the Gulf Stream, we have a number of stunning local gardens with colours that inspire me all year round. 

My passion for colour has led me into the world of dyeing and I love to dye yarn for crocheters and knitters as well as wool and silk fibre for spinners and felters.  I take the resulting yarn and create unique wearable items from texting mitts to snuggly warm hats, to delicate lace shawls.

My latest artworks fuse both paint and dye, with delicate hand dyed silk paper overlaid on bright watercolours to create pretty abstract landscapes full of texture for those looking for something a little more unique.



I'm Adrian and I am learning how to forge metal

I have always had a fascination with things made from metal, whether that is machines and mechanisms, tools or decorative items such as ornaments or sculptures.

Our current home was the local smithy for over a century and, although it hadn't been in use for twenty years or more, the original forge and an incredible assortment of old tools and equipment was still here. Sadly, the original forge and most of the original tools are no longer useable, however it all inspired me to take up blacksmithing and bring a working forge back to the village.

Using a small, portable forge and a small anvil that now sits happily on the old tree stump where the original (much larger!) anvil used to be , I am learning the skills and techniques involved in forging iron and steel to make useful and beautiful things.